Our aim is to facilitate personal growth and the development of effective life skills for women suffering from eating disorders in a confidential and comfortable environment.

Our team are skilled in both the private and public care sectors, with many years spent focusing on eating disorders. Since the launch of our first residential care service in 2007 our team has grown and evolved to deliver the unique approach we use. As a team, we employ different therapies and approaches to produce individually tailored care packages that will provide our clientele with the tools to live a happier life.

We are committed to meeting the challenges of specialist health care and adhering to the highest possible standards. We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Value for Money

At Vivre Care we aim to work collaboratively with commissioners, referrers and families to reduce the total cost of eating disorders care. Our specialist residential programs offer cost effective alternatives to traditional residential treatments, with no compromise on quality. The total residential/ treatment The total residential/ treatment cost package is approximately equivalent to half the price of an in-patient bed.

Asha Mootoosamy
Asha MootoosamyManaging Director
Asha founded Vivre Care in 2007, after spending 10 years working as a Specialist Eating Disorders dietitian, with experience in inpatient, daypatient, outpatient and community patient management.
She is the Lead Dietitian, planning individual meal plans, aiding shopping, looking at nutritional quality and monitoring medical status. Asha spend several years guiding the London Eating Disorders Dietitians Group and continues to support other dietitians in this field.
As the Managing Director, Asha ensures the quality and smooth running of the service, with strong visions around the specialist supportive clinical management of the residents with a person-centred approach. She supervises the other service leads and carries out suitability assessments for prospective clients

Eric Johnson-Sabine
Eric Johnson-SabineConsultant Psychiatrist - Eating Disorders (supervising)
Dr Johnson-Sabine is a Consultant Psychiatrist with extensive experience in treating patients with eating disorders and obesity recognised at both national & international level.
As former Head of the St Ann’s, London NHS Eating Disorders Service, Dr Johnson-Sabine has experience of senior level service development in the field of eating disorders. He has also held senior management posts as Medical Director. As a founder of a centre of excellence for Eating Disorders in North London and an expert advisor for NICE guidelines on Eating Disorders, he comes with a highly rated reputation for effective care & resolution of these conditions.
Dr Johnson-Sabine is on the Executive of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Faculty of Eating Disorders.  He has been a member of the Board of the London School of Postgraduate Psychiatry and has been Specialist Advisor for Eating Disorders for the Care Quality Commission and Health Service Ombudsman.  He is an expert witness in legal cases involving eating disorders.
Mary Dias
Mary DiasClinical Lead
Mary has worked in the field of eating disorders for 13 years in both NHS and private facilities. Mary has broad experience, having worked in inpatient, outpatient, community and adolescent settings. She is trained in various therapeutic approaches, including CBT and multi-family group therapy. Mary has also spent time working in audit, with particular regard to the Care Quality Commission requirements.
As the Clinical Lead, Mary sees clients individually and liaises with their care teams and family. She also ensures the medical needs of the residents are met including working alongside both the GP services and specialist consultants to provide holistic care. Mary supervises team members, including a lower grade nurse. She also audits areas of the service and has an interest in quality assurance and service excellence.
Rafina Arul
Rafina ArulSpecialist Nurse
Rafina has over 20 years experience solely in the nursing care of eating disorders clients. She has worked both in the private and NHS systems and has operated on a Modern Matron level for 15 years. Rafina has been trained in various therapeutic approaches, including systemic practice and family therapy work.
As part of our nursing team, Rafina sees residents individually, supervises support team members, supervises our team meetings and audits some of the food and financial systems.
Clare Steedman
Clare SteedmanLead Occupational Therapist
Clare is the Lead Specialist Occupational Therapist, with extensive experience of working alongside adults with Eating Disorders, both within in-patient and community contexts. Clare ensures that the Occupational Therapy provision is meaningful, effective, evidence-based and reflects the needs of the residents. She offers individual assessments and interventions with residents and is qualified in administering the Eating and Meal Preparation Skills Assessment (EMPSA) . She is also responsible for the supervision of staff and facilitates reflective practice groups and individual sessions.  
Rachael Alder-Byrne
Rachael Alder-ByrneArt Therapist (Trainee)
Rachel has worked with Vivre Care for over eight years and is currently studying to be an Art Therapist (graduating May 2017). Rachael will be providing the Art Therapy service across both houses after graduation.
Racheal provides individual art therapy sessions tailored to the individual.
Kirsty Geraerts
Kirsty GeraertsSenior Occupational Therapist
Kirsty is a senior practitioner providing a specialist Occupational Therapy, alongside the multi-disciplinary team to ensure specialist, individualised therapy programmes are in place for all clients. She further assists clients in setting and achieving re-socialisation goals, including escorting clients into the community. Kirsty has a been working in the field of mental health and eating disorders for several years and has great experience across a variety of different sectors within these categories.

Who is this service for?

  • Those suffering from a severe eating disorder
  • Individuals whose ability has been compromised to such an extent that they are unable to take appropriate care of themselves
  • Those who have been unable to achieve outpatient stabilisation
  • Individuals who are medically stable
  • Those who are agreeable to admission; and, will cooperatively participate in the services provided
  • Individuals who are competent to give informed consent

At Vivre Care we aim to offer a range of therapeutic interventions to complement both our philosophy and the specific aims of the client.

Therapeutic interventions include:

  • goal setting
  • group therapy
  • anxiety management
  • problem-solving
  • nutritional rehabilitation
  • psycho-education
  • re-socialisation
  • workplace skills
  • food skills
  • lifestyle management
  • reflection
  • budgeting
  • art therapy
  • self esteem enhancement
  • community exposure