Read K’s story on her time with Vivre Care…

“Services such as that provided by Stockwood and Ellenbrook are irreplaceable and quite literally lifesaving for people suffering from this illness. They provide the one thing that hospital takes away; hope.

Before I arrived I had lost all hope of ever having a life outside the walls of an institution and now, with their dedicated help and support I am not only able to have that, I have worked my way to a point of being able to go fully into independent living. Something I never dreamt possible.

They give you the opportunity to make mistakes; but then to learn from them. Treatment is tailored around you and your own personal goals and whilst your safety is always priority they will do whatever they can to help those goals and aspirations come to fruition.

I struggled with a wide variety of different behaviours that prevented me from living any semblance of a life, but with small steps and dedication from staff and myself I was able to challenge those behaviours without feeling as though the control was simply being taken from me. It was taken at my pace and it allowed my confidence to grow as I saw what my hard work was achieving. And it’s true, that the hard work does have to come from you. But staff will do their best to help in the least intrusive way possible and though at times it can all feel too much, they will be there to remind you just how far you have come. Each day out of hospital is an achievement in itself! I really can’t thank them enough; it’s a life changing service for those determined enough to try and make it work.

K’s reflection

on her time with Vivre Care